3 Things to Not Do if You Come Home to a Burglary in Progress

Things to Not Do if You Come Home to a Burglary in ProgressMost home burglaries occur when nobody is home because it significantly reduces the chances of being caught mid-robbery. Burglars don’t want any unnecessary attention drawn to them during a break-in as an empty house is prime picking for loot, which is why most will wait until homeowners are out before breaking into their home.

Unfortunately for some people, they happen to come home during a burglary in progress, which is a terrifying situation nobody wishes to find themselves in. Yet if you come home during a burglary, you’ll need to act fast to ensure the protection of yourself and your family.

It’s easy to get caught up in the panic and chaos of a home robbery yet there are some things you need to avoid doing to reduce the risk of being attacked. Here are 3 things to no do if you come home to a burglary in progress:

Enter the House (If Possible)
If you come home and find obvious signs of a break-in don’t make the mistake of charging into your house. Many burglars leave few signs of their entry position to ensure they don’t get caught, which is why many people already enter their home before realizing there is a problem, so if you have an obvious warning sign take advantage of it.

For example, if your front door shows signs of forced entry, such as a broken lock or damaged hinges, then make sure to avoid entering and call the police immediately. Similarly, avoid entering if there is a broken or unopened window, even if to quickly look for signs of intrusion before deciding to call the cops.

Look for the Burglar
Should you not realize there is a burglary occurring when you enter the house and then discover something is wrong, don’t make the mistake of looking for the burglar to confront them or chase them off. Yes, you want to defend your home, possessions and family, yet the risk is never worth taking.

When looking for a burglar you stand the chance of getting into a physical altercation. You don’t know what the robber is capable of and whether they have a weapon, so never try to find them in the middle of a burglary.

Instead, quietly walk back outside or hide yourself in a secure location and contact the police, providing you have your phone on you. If not, wait quietly and for them to eventually leave – no burglar will stay around for too long.

Attempt to Fight the Burglar
If you walk into your home and catch a burglar in the act, the temptation to charge at the person is understandably high, especially if your family are around. In most cases, a burglary is a non-violent crime (its why most burglars wait for you to leave before breaking in) so you likely won’t need to get into a fight unless it is a last resort.

Your home security systems should act fast and you may have already called the police if you could tell a break-in was happening, so there is no need to fight the intruder – wait for the police to handle the individual.

Of course, some situations arise that are unavailable and you may find yourself fighting for your life, but if you can avoid a physical altercation then do so. If the burglar gives you instructions, simply follow them and don’t make sudden or rash movements – none of the possessions they are stealing are ever worth risking your life over.

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