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FAQ - Coachella Valley Alarm Company

Have a Question About Our Alarm Systems? We've Got the Answers...

Command One Security is a Coachella Valley alarm company, specializing in residential and commercial alarm systems, video security, and live monitoring.  Over the years, we’ve been asked a lot of questions, so we’ve listed the most popular ones here, with our best answers.

A. (Ademco models) Enter your 4-digit code, the number 6 key and the zone number that you want to bypass. Zone number must be 2 digits, example; 03 or 12. All must be entered consecutively or the bypass feature will not complete. The system keypad will then indicate “Zone Bypassed.” Arm as usual at that point.

A. Yes! It’s always good for our central station to know that you will be away, for how long and whether anyone else will be in the home while you are gone.

A. Please call our office, and our customer service personnel can help you with that addition. It’s easier for our customer service personnel to do it from here. If we are unable to add the extra combo, we can generate a service order to get the addition/change completed.

All Users on your alarm system with a code need to be instructed in the correct use of the system for arming and disarming. They should also be aware that is they accidentally set off the alarm, they need to call Command One Security as quickly as possible to help avoid an unnecessary dispatch. When they reach us they need to provide your name and service address as well as their own name and user code.

We want to reach you first if at all possible. For times when that is not possible, provide other Contacts who are most likely to be able to contact you wherever you are. All Contacts should also be instructed on the correct use of the system for arming and disarming. It is helpful if at least one of the Contacts is local; a friend, family member, property manager in town. Be sure to tell your Contacts that they are on the list primarily for notification purposes. If they get a call from a dispatch agent that we have dispatched fire or police to your home, this does NOT mean that they are expected to go to your home themselves. In fact, they should not do so unless the agent tells them that police or fire personnel have requested a Responsible Party. If that happens, then emergency personnel are on the scene so it should be safe to go. Obviously anyone you put on your User and Contact List as a Contact should be aware of these possibilities and how to handle them.

Finally, be sure to review and update your list at least every other year.

A. Yes! Your system comes equipped with a backup battery that takes over for a time if the power should go out. Once the power is restored, the battery will then re-charge.

A. Under normal conditions, they last four to five years, depending on the battery. Your panel will notify us when your battery is low and we will call to schedule replacement.

A. Yes! Call us to tell you how.

A. On many applications, the alarm system seizes your telephone line to communicate to our central station. Once the signals have been transmitted, then the line will be released. Keep in mind that some phone systems don’t allow for line seizure.

A. No you don’t.  The latest technology allows alarm systems to be monitored over 4G cellular radio or the internet.  Ask our staff for the details.

If your question hasn’t been answered, simply give us a call at (760) 568-0052 and we’ll be happy to share our alarm knowledge.

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