4 Important Differences Between DIY And Professionally Installed Security Systems

Important Differences Between DIY And Professionally Installed Security Systems The mode of installation is a big factor when it comes to choosing the best home security system that fits your needs. Homeowners are faced with the decision of choosing between a DIY security system and a professionally installed security system. There are many key differences between them and you must consider a lot of different factors when making your decision.

Following are 4 important differences between DIY and professionally installed security systems:

1. Cost
A DIY security system may seem like your best bet when you are trying to save money. DIY security systems are often sold at relatively lower prices, making them ideal for homeowners that have a limited budget. And since there are no extra installation charges, this option can be appealing to most homeowners. Professionally installed security systems on the other hand, require a contract or installation fees. So, they are relatively more expensive than DIY security systems.

2. Monitoring
Another key difference between DIY and professionally installed security systems is quality monitoring service. When you purchase a DIY security system, you are basically purchasing a security system that will alert you and your family to break-ins and other dangers. Unfortunately, that’s all a DIY security system is able to do, aside from possibly being able to purchase some kind of a cheap monitoring program. Professionally installed security systems on the other hand, are connected with a highly rated professional security monitoring company. So, when the alarm is triggered, not only does the security system alert you and your family, it also be trusted to immediately alert the monitoring center that will then send the proper authorities. Because of this, a professionally installed security system helps the family feel more secure when they are at home, but also when they are not.

3. Tech Support
If you choose a DIY security system, then you are pretty much on your own. The company may be able to answer simple questions, but you won’t have access to equipment replacement options and tech support. Apart from this, if something goes wrong with your DIY security system, it will be you out on the lawn in the middle of the night trying to figure out the cause of the problem. As opposed to this, professionally installed security system has many advantages. With it, you will have access to professional support. The installer will make sure that the equipment is set up properly and will be available any time to answer your questions. Furthermore, if something goes wrong, you will know who to call. The professional installer will be more than happy to walk you through the diagnosis of your security system or come to your house and fix it if necessary.

4. Security System Grading
DIY security systems generally tend to not be graded. Because of this, these security systems often don’t meet the requirements of insurance companies. So, your valuables may not be covered if you experience a break in. On the other hand, professionally installed security systems are graded and they are also connected with a monitoring center. Because of this, these systems satisfy the requirements of insurance companies.

For your further consideration, here is an actual story of a situation that recently occurred with one of our customers, as told by the owner of our company:

We had a commercial customer, for whom we installed and monitored a very good alarm system with glassbreak and motion detectors, etc. A little less than a year ago they switched their phones to IP so they needed another way for the alarm to communicate. We told them it would be $150 to install a cellular communicator for alarm communication and $10 a month for the cell service charges. That is pretty standard and the install cost is just about the price of parts. So anyway, they cancelled and went to a DIY system. They put that system in and got some cheap monitoring. About two weeks ago they had a break-in. It just so happens that our new office location is right around the corner from their office and I didn’t even realize it. One of their employees came out the next morning and told one of our techs that they had been broken into and the alarm never went off. The person broke the glass out of the front door (which is why glassbreak detectors are important) and left and then went back two hours later and busted up file cabinets, took a cash box and some stuff out of the refrigerator. It was likely a homeless person who hangs out around the train tracks right behind the industrial park we are in. But the alarm did not go off either time. One of our employees went by and just talked to them about what happened and at that point they still had no idea why the alarm didn’t go off. They had cameras that did work and that is how they knew the guy left for two hours and then returned. However, he had his face covered so the video is useless.

Final Word
Choosing between DIY and a professionally installed security system is not easy and you have to consider many factors. However, whatever your decision may be, you should know that you are making the right choice by having a security system to secure your home and protect your family.

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