5 Ways to Prepare Your Home if You Are Going to be Leaving for an Extended Time

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home if You Are Going to be Leaving for an Extended TimeLeaving your home for an extended time can be a daunting prospect. Whether going on vacation or traveling for work, there are many instances where homeowners leave their home unattended for days, weeks, or even months, which poses some obvious security risks when there is nobody home!

Thankfully, there are many simple ways that you can make your home feel more secure and less of a target. After all, when a house has been left unattended for an extended time break-ins become more of a risk because an empty house is a much easier target.

To keep your home safe and give yourself a complete peace of mind, here are 5 ways to prepare your home when leaving for an extended time:

Invest in a Home Security System

If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in a robust home security system, as this will give your home the most protection possible when you are away. There are many systems available and each one is designed to alert the authorities to any break-ins, so it’s a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Better still, consider investing in a modern system that allows you to remotely view your home security when away. Many can be connected to smart phones to let you watch your camera feeds and give you push notifications of any unusual activity.

Keep Up Appearances

If there are home maintenance tasks that are still necessary when you are away make sure that there is someone doing them. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, taking trash cans to the curb, or cleaning your pool, always ensure home maintenance continues in your absence.

If not, your home quickly becomes an obvious target because it is clear nobody is at home. If you aren’t hiring someone, consider asking a friend or relative, or even paying the neighbor’s kid to complete a few chores for you.

Never Leave a Hidden Key

This may seem like a good idea if you’re going to have someone checking your home when you’re away but it’s a huge risk not worth taking. Any experienced burglar knows where to check for hidden spare keys, so they could have unrestricted access to your home – never leave a hidden key for this reason!

If you need to leave a key behind for someone, either give it to them directly or ask a neighbor to hold it for you.

Consider Adding a Security Light

Smaller home security devices like a motion detector light are well worth a buy when leaving home for a long period. A security light on the front porch and at the back door can work wonders as a deterrent, especially at night.

Don’t Announce it On Social Media

It may seem natural to announce your trip on social media, but this is quite risky, as anyone could be reading this and use the information to determine you aren’t at home. Keep updates and posts to a bare minimum or try to avoid it entirely!

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