Secure These Top 4 Entry Points That Burglars Target

secure-these-top-4-entry-points-that-burglars-targetMost active burglars are rather good at what they do – after all, there’s a reason they haven’t been caught! While this is partially due to their experience of breaking in and robbing a home, many times it’s because they can recognize a property that isn’t as secure as others.

Burglars gain access to a house through a targeted entry point, with some houses having more of these than others, often making them an increased risk. However, we can take necessary precautions to ensure any entry point that a burglar may target is as secure as possible.

Secure these top 4 entry points that burglars target and your home will be safer for it:

1. Front Door

Many people wrongly assume that the front door isn’t a big target for burglars, but around a third of break-ins occur through a front door. There’s a variety of reasons why this happens, from spare keys being left nearby to how easy some doors can be forced open, so be sure to secure your front door as much as possible,

You can do this in many ways, and some doors may need more securing than others, but it should be simple enough to get done. Some great examples of how to secure your front door include installing deadbolts or a strike plate to help strengthen the door from forced entry, while a door alarm is also very worthwhile.

And remember – always lock your door!

2. Back Door

The back door of a home is the preferred point of entry for most burglars, being much less visible from the prying eyes of neighbors that may catch them in the act. Whether your back door connects to a kitchen or living room (like with a patio door), it’s one of the most targeted entry points so it should be sufficiently secured.

Sliding doors can be quite an issue, as their locks are much less effective than with a typical door, so a sliding bolt is a good idea for anyone with this type of door. A glass break alarm may also be a good idea!

Standard doors can use the same tactics as with a front door, with heavy duty bolts, strike plates and additional locks being some of the best methods for extra security.

3. Bottom Floor Windows

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to home security, but around a quarter of all break-ins occur through the bottom floor windows. This is because windows are relatively weak, making them an effective point of entry in many cases.

Burglars take advantage of this fact, usually checking how secure bottom floor windows are when scoping out a target. Remember, if a burglar cannot make it in through the doors, they will try the windows next!

Securing windows may require more robust methods, such as installing reinforced glass or even upgrading to tougher plexiglass. Window bars are another option, although they are rather unsightly but still hugely effective, while window based alarms are also effective.

4. Top Floor Windows

Windows that are higher from the ground may seem like less of a target, but many opportunistic burglars will use this as their point of entry. While the chances of a break-in occurring here are much lower, it is still a possibility so it’s worth securing it when possible.

The easiest way to secure windows on the top floor of a home is to ensure there are no ladders left outside that can be used to gain access, and be mindful of any trees that could be climbed as well.

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