The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Home SecurityThe 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Home Security

We all want our home to be safe from threats, taking the time to enhance home security to prevent unwanted attention from opportunistic criminals. Yet many people don’t quite realize how clever burglars are, with many seizing the initiative to break in because we’ve made mistakes with our home security.

Many of these are seemingly harmless mistakes, with homeowners not always recognizing that they’ve created their own security risk. But with a bit of awareness and good preparation, you can avoid these mistakes and have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Here are the 4 biggest mistakes that people make with their home security:

Leave a Key Outside

Leaving a spare key outside may feel convenient but it is asking for someone to break in to your property. Burglars know all about this common home security mistake and will always check under doormats and plant pots for that hidden spare key.

The last thing you ever want is to give a burglar the keys to your front door – which is exactly what might happen if you keep leaving spares outside!

Unlocked Doors and Windows

In a perfect world we would be able to leave our windows and doors unlocked without ever worrying – that sadly isn’t the world we live in.

Windows and doors are some of the first areas where a burglar will check when breaking into a property. This is the perfect target for a would-be intruder, giving them quick and easy access to your property without any forced entry.

Always lock your doors when you leave the house and be sure to lock them before you go to bed – you may just want to keep them locked 24/7 just to be on the safe side!

Also, avoid leaving your windows open when you leave the house, even if it’s on the top floor.

Bushes and Trees Too Close to the Property

While bushes and trees are a wonderful addition to your landscaping, they also pose a potential security threat, and one that most are unaware of.

For example, if you have large bushes very close to your house it offers the perfect coverage for someone trying to break in. Thick bushes are ideal for hiding when breaking into a property, so be sure to cut back or even remove those massive shrubs and bushes.

Furthermore, trees pose a unique security threat when too close to your home. Burglars often climb trees to break into a house via an open window, so always cut back any branches that are close to your house.

No Obvious Signs of Security

Burglars love an easy target and one of the quickest ways to identify this is when there are no obvious signs of home security systems. For instance, having security alarms clearly displayed at the front of the house is one of the best deterrents against a break-in.

Don’t hide any cameras, clearly advertise your home security system if possible, and make sure there are obvious signs of security near windows – burglars will peer through looking for alarms, cameras and heavy-duty locks to see how easy a break-in might be.

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