Beware of These 3 Deceptive Home Invasion Tactics

Beware of These Deceptive Home Invasion TacticsHome invasions are on the rise and because of them, home security is a topic of concern for all homeowners and families. Criminals are becoming increasingly brazen and coming up with new tactics to deceive and trick their victims. When it comes to home security, most people are complacent. This is not good because it ultimately leads to disaster. Staying well aware of the tactics used by the home invaders is the key that will help you take the necessary protective measures to protect your family and your home.

Following are the 3 deceptive and most common home invasion tactics you should be aware of:

1. Litter Left in Front of Your House
If you see any kind of litter in front of your house, then it is highly recommended that you dispose of it. This is because criminals scouting the neighborhood leave trash indicators on properties. Things such as bags, lids, cans, etc. in front of your house could have been intentionally left by a criminal scout in order to let another criminal know that your property has been marked to have something worth stealing. This makes your home a target for a break-in.

2. Using Your Pets to Case Your Home
Criminals look for your pets, for example dogs that are left outside as this is a clear indicator that there are going to be no dogs inside, hence making it easier for the criminals to break in. To get rid of the obvious threat (the dog outside of your home), a criminal will feed the dog with meat that has been poisoned in order to kill it or make it very ill.

Criminals also look for homes where cats are present. This is because most people who have cats tend to leave their windows open and even disable their alarms so that their beloved pets can move about freely.

3. Ad Flyers and Business Cards
Never take business cards or flyers from a stranger who approaches you at your house or anywhere else. Criminals have been known to lace authentic-looking business cards or flyers with chloroform or other such substance. If that substance is absorbed by your skin, you can pass out, making you an easy target for the criminal to rob you of your valuables, money, and house keys. The keys will then give the criminal access to your house and your valuables inside.

Final Word
When it comes to home invasion, prevention is always your best bet. Being aware of the common tactics used by criminals to invade the home can help you take better protective measures and ensure the safety of your home and your family.

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