3 Current Residential Security Threats That Never Existed Before

3-current-residential-security-threats-that-never-existed-beforeResidential burglaries remain prevalent despite the improvements in home security. Granted, home break-ins are much more difficult to complete than they previously were, there are still instances where homes remain a huge target for burglary.

In fact, there are some residential security threats that never existed before but are now commonly used by opportunist criminals. Take a look at some current residential security threats that never existed before to help you avoid them in the future:

1. Smartphones

Perhaps one of the most notable security threats a home faces is from an unlikely source – smartphones. This technology has only become more popular and widespread, and criminals have started using it to help break into homes around the world.

For instance, smartphone applications such as KeyMe allows house keys to be copied using nothing but a phone. Savvy burglars are using this to scan keys of homes to break into, as they don’t need to provide any physical key, so homeowners don’t even know there is a risk!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as various other applications can be used to benefit would-be intruders, especially when it comes to surveillance!

2. Camera Technology

Cameras have never been more widespread or easier to use than they are now. From smartphones with great cameras to compact spy cameras, there are countless forms of cameras that burglars may use to help break into a home.

For instance, a spy camera is easy to buy online and can be placed anywhere around a residential property -possibly even inside it. This allows burglars to stake out homes like never before, making it easier to check your routines, see when you aren’t home, and even determine if you have gone on vacation.

3. Lockpicking Kits

What was once reserved for professional criminals is now easy to buy online, with sites such as Amazon selling a wide selection of lockpicking kits. Granted, these are designed for practicing on small padlocks, but you can be sure some criminals are using them to easily pick the locks of a house.

In fact, someone can easily buy a premium lockpicking kit that won’t struggle to break through residential locks, while online resources make it even easier to learn how to pick locks. This is something that was never widely available, and some homes are now at increased risk because lockpicks are so easy to source.

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