Spring-Cleaning-Maintenance-Tips-for-Your-Security-AlarmSpring is the time of the year when a lot of homeowners clean and freshen their homes both inside and out. While organizing and cleaning, it is also a good time to consider how good your home security is. A security alarm is a vital part of a property and you should definitely think about it during your spring cleaning maintenance.

Following are 7 spring cleaning maintenance tips for your security alarm:

1. Perform a Detection Test
Walk around your home and trigger all the detection devices such as beams and passives and open all the windows and doors. Confirm that the device reflects on your keypad’s respective zone number. You should also pay careful attention to old devices that have poor detection. If any old devices are damaged, replace them.

2. Perform a Signal Test
Contact the control center of your security alarm’s company and ask them to place your account on test for about half an hour. After that, arm your security alarm system in Away mode. Wait until the exit delay expires. Then walk through your home and trigger all the zones by walking past all the detection devices and opening all windows and doors. Apart from this, you should also test the fixed panic buttons. Now disarm your alarm system and contact the control to confirm whether they have received signals from all zones.

3. Replace Batteries in Devices
It would be a good idea to perform an inspection of batteries in your security devices during the spring cleaning maintenance. Make sure the batteries in the important security devices are working properly. Replace the batteries that may have expired.

4. Clean All Camera Lenses
Cleaning the camera lenses is another important spring cleaning maintenance task that you can perform for your security alarm system. Security cameras are susceptible to grime and dirt, so make sure to remove any sign of these so that your security cameras keep functioning at their best.

5. Dust DVRs
The DVR is a vital component of a security alarm system as it stores the footage from all the connected cameras as well as allows you to review the footage at any time so you can use it as evidence. Because of these reasons, you want the digital video recorder to always be working as intended. So, don’t forget to dust your DVRs during your spring cleaning maintenance. Use a microfiber cloth to dust the top. For removing any internal dust build-ups, you should use an electric computer blower.

6. Inspect Landscaping
Landscape features overgrow with time and can block camera views. So, if there are any vines, trees, bushes, and other forms of foliage and plants surrounding your premises, then it is recommended that you inspect them to see whether they have impaired the camera feed.

7. Update Your Codes and Information
It is recommended that you update the user codes of your security alarm system during your spring cleaning maintenance. Apart from these, challenge codes should also be updated with the control center. Don’t forget to update all contact numbers and key-holder details as well.

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