Keep Your Security System Working Properly with These 5 Maintenance Tips

keep your security system working properlyMaintaining the good working condition of your security system is an essential part of good home security practice. This includes cleaning, examining, testing, and replacement (if needed) of all the components of the system. You can either hire professional help for this or perform the maintenance yourself. Either way, it is recommended that you make a habit of making sure that your home security system is performing optimally.

Following are 5 maintenance tips that will help you make sure that your security system is working properly:

1. Develop a Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Developing a scheduled maintenance plan should be your first step to keeping your security system in optimal working order. You should also keep track of system checks and replacements via a maintenance log. It is recommended that you make a check list for parts and steps to use when testing your security system, so that you don’t miss anything or create more work for yourself.

2. Check the Batteries

An alarm system cannot function without batteries and that’s what makes them so important. You should check the batteries before anything else during your security system maintenance. If your home alarm panels contain batteries that cannot be easily changed, then it is recommended that you call the company or technician who installed your alarm system to come and test them. If needed, the technician will replace the batteries. On the other hand, if it’s possible to change the batteries yourself, then simply purchase them and replace the old ones with the new ones to keep your home security system running as expected.

3. Check the Light Bulbs

Most security alarm systems nowadays come with motion-sensitive lighting timers. These can be a great deterrent to any intruder who is trying to hide behind the bushes or lurk in the shadows. But they cannot do their job if the bulbs are burned out, so thoroughly test them and if they need to be replaced, then invest in the sort of light bulbs that have a longer life. You don’t need to have someone come from the alarm company for this job as they are easy to replace and you can change them yourself.

4. Check the Sensors

Sometimes sensors in particular rooms aren’t working to their optimal potential or they stop working altogether, but you are likely not to notice unless there is a break-in. The purpose of checking those sensors is to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Make sure that all the sensors are still doing their job by having someone from the alarm company come over and test them.

5. Keep an Eye on the Latest Developments

This is a very important step and should be part of your scheduled security system maintenance. Keep an eye on the latest developments in the home security system niche because if you don’t, you might miss out on something useful that could be very beneficial for your home security – often at a much friendlier price. Keep your alarm system up-to-date with the latest monitoring devices so that you and your family can stay protected via enhanced features that the new technology has to offer.

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