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Security Alarms

What to do When Your Home Alarm Goes Off

5 Things You Should Do if Your Home Alarm Goes Off

What to do When Your Home Alarm Goes OffWhen your home alarm unexpectedly goes off, it can not only be a frightening experience but sometimes a confusing experience as well. However, you have to be prepared in case your home security system detects an intruder, especially at night when you are sleeping. The key is to remain calm and have a plan.
Following are 5 things you should do if your home alarm goes off:

1. Stay Calm

It is natural for us to panic in emergency situations. As a result of this panic, we intend to react rather than think. However, in an emergency situation it is recommended to make your decisions on the basis of critical evaluation, and not emotion. Hence, when your home alarm goes off, you should take a moment to calm your senses before doing anything else. Taking deep breaths work well in this regard. Being calm is the key to handle the whole situation effectively.

2. Verify It’s Not a False Alarm

Next thing to do is to verify whether the alarm is false. You should also give your home alarm system the benefit of the doubt. Read any notification or message appearing on the display and then investigate, however don’t put yourself in danger to do so. If you suspect that there is an actual threat in the house, leave and find a safe place to call your home security company or police.

3. Keep Your Phone Nearby

Keeping your phone within reach is essential for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can call someone outside of your home in order to get help. Contact a friend or relative as soon as you get the chance and let them know what’s going on. Secondly, your home security company is instantly notified when the alarm is tripped. So in turn, they look at your file to determine which contact number to use to notify you. Hence, it is vital that you are near your phone to receive that call.

4. Know Your Password

When your home security company calls your home, they ask for your password. Therefore, you need to know this password in order to have flexibility in your choices. For instance, if you don’t want to notify the police because it was a false alarm, you must have your password. And if you don’t know your password, they will dispatch the authorities under any situation.

5. Have a Plan

Last but not least, you must always have a plan. An effective plan can help you remain calm under an emergency situation as well as it has the potential to save lives as well. It is essential that your family knows exactly what the plan is. Because during a real emergency, there should be no second guessing.
Although security systems can help make your home more secure and safe, you will still need to practice vigilance and awareness. Because effective human element is required for these devices to work their best.

If you have a home or business in The Coachella Valley, and want to increase your safety and security, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional security consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

Preventing Burglaries in the Coachella Valley

5 Things Burglars Look for When Choosing a House to Rob

Similarly, to going out and trying to find a house to live in, burglars can be very picky about which house they will rob. There are many factors that go into which house they choose, however, it is important to try and make it harder for your house to be robbed, therefore increasing the chances of a burglar skipping your house.

1. No security alarm.

Preventing Burglaries in the Coachella ValleyThis is the absolute first thing that burglars are going to check when they go to rob a house. If you simply have a sign on your front lawn from your security company, and stickers on all of your doors and windows, you are much less likely to be robbed. Burglars who were asked about this said that when they say a security company was monitoring the house, the majority of the time they would skip it.

2. A house that appears to be empty.

A burglar does not want to walk into a house with people in it. First, it makes it a lot more dangerous for them, because of the fact that the homeowners might try to defend their property, and secondly, if the house is empty it means that they have a smaller chance of ever getting caught.

3. A full mailbox.

One tell-tale sign that a family has been gone from their home for a long period of time is quickly checking the mail. If it’s mail from more than a few days, the burglar can be reasonably certain that you are away from your home. The best thing to do when you are gone from your home for more than a few days is to ask your neighbor if they can collect your mail for you every few days, simply so it won’t build up.

4. Bad lighting.

A burglar will try to find a house or street that is not very well illuminated. A home with a lot of shadows will make it a lot easier for a burglar to remain unseen. On top of that, if the home is equipped with motion sensing lights, the burglar will most likely avoid your home.

5. Unlocked or open doors and windows.

After all of the other things have been checked, a burglar is going to take a walk around your house and attempt to open every single door and window. If you have accidentally left even a single one unlocked or open, it is going to be extremely easy for a burglar to quietly get inside your home. A burglar always wants the easy and quiet way into your home, instead of having to break your door or bust open a window.

One of the best ways that you can protect your home from burglars is make it extremely difficult and annoying to get into your house quietly. If your house is guarded by a security company and you always lock the doors, you are going to be much less likely to be robbed because of the fact that the burglar will simply go to the next house.

To increase the security of your home in The Coachella Valley, you can take advantage of special offers to get a residential alarm system, then contact a security consultant at Command One Security! We will be happy to discuss the most comprehensive and most cost-effective options we have available today. Call us now at (760) 568-0052!

guard dog versus home alarm

5 Reasons Why a Home Security System Works Better Than Having a Guard Dog

Whether or not you already have a dog that is capable of defending your home, it’s worth considering the risks of not having an electronic home security system. While it may cost less and be more enjoyable to own a pet, you shouldn’t depend on a dog to defend your home and your family.

1. A home alarm system will have less false alarms, unlike a dog.

With a dog centered security system, you are relying on the dog to bark at an intruder, and while this might work, you are going to get countless times where your dog will simply bark at something outside or something that isn’t even a threat. An alarm system will only ever go off when someone is trying to get into your house.

2. A dog might not react every single time, unlike an electronic security system.

guard dog versus home alarmThis reason pairs with reason number one due to the fact that a dog can also just as well not bark at someone. The intruder could calm the dog down before it makes too much noise, sedate it, or worse. Not to mention that if the person breaking into your house was a friend, the dog might simply ignore them due to the fact that they are familiar.

3. Your dog can’t contact authorities if an emergency is happening like an alarm system would.

The limit to a dog based alarm system is the fact that a dog can only alert the people inside the house that there might be an intruder. If your dog was left alone and an intruder happened to invade your home, your dog wouldn’t be able to alert anyone. If you were to have an alarm system instead, the police and you would be contacted as soon as an intruder was detected entering your home.

4. An alarm system doesn’t need to sleep like a dog does.

Dogs get tired, and eventually they just won’t be able to stay awake to protect the house anymore. While it might be able to wake up if an intruder was to come into your home, it’s better knowing that you have a home security system that protects you 24/7 three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

5. Your alarm system never leaves with you like a dog would.

The single biggest downside to having a dog as your sole security system is that if you ever took it with you, your home would be without even minor protection. A simple walk with your dog, taking it to the park, or going on vacation could leave your property extremely vulnerable to a home invasion.

While it never hurts to have both, you should never rely solely on having a dog to defend your property. For all the reasons stated and many more, it makes sense to spend money paying for a proper home alarm system. On top of that, an alarm might actually cost you around the same as a dog would have costed per month.

If you are wanting to improve the security of your home or business in The Coachella Valley, and want to take advantage of special offers to get started, contact the experts at Command One Security! One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

secure your home windows by command one palm desert ca

4 Ways to Secure Your Home Windows

When thinking of home security, our thoughts drift straight to our doors. After all, it’s how you walk into your house every single day. However, burglars might have other thoughts about how to get inside your house. After you have all of your doors secured, one of the only options left are your windows.

1. Make sure your windows are closed.

While it is the most obvious tip, an open window will make it extremely easy for a burglar to simply walk up and take the screen out of your window. If your windows are always closed and locked, a burglar will never be able to get through them without breaking them and creating a lot of noise. Windows should be closed when you leave the house, go to sleep, or any other time that your house might be vulnerable. Getting in the habit of closing your windows when you lock all of your doors and set your alarm can be a great help to your home’s security.

2. Place a wooden rod in your window to stop it from being opened.

secure your home windows by command one palm desert caThis can either be used as a backup for a window lock or simply on it’s own due to its strength. Wooden rods are cheap and can be bought at your local hardware store, all you have to do is bring your measurements for all of your windows and have a few wooden rods cut to size to be able to make your house a lot safer. When your windows are open, the rod can sit on your window seal, and when they are closed, the rod will be stored away on the rails of the sliding window.

3. Add your windows to your home alarm.

If you don’t already have a security company protecting your house, you should look into paying to have alarms installed. Most companies now offer packages that include all of your home’s windows in the alarm, so that if one is ever opened while the alarm is set, it will go off just as if someone broke in through the front door. Most of these window sensors also allow you to open the window a small amount in case you want to have fresh air come into your house at the same time as your alarm is on.

4. Put your alarm company’s stickers in your windows.

Most burglaries can be avoided simply by boasting about your security company. Houses with signs in their front yards are a lot less likely to ever be broken into, so why not do the same for your windows? This will also allow the home invader to get one last chance to decide whether or not they actually want to break into a home with home security installed. If you already have your windows secured, call your security company and ask about having a handful of small stickers to install on the inside of your windows in your home.

Although windows alone are a security flaw, you can make your house a lot safer by simply following these tips. While some aren’t necessarily making it impossible to get into your house, it will definitely make it a lot harder for burglars to enter your house without making a lot of noise.

If you are looking for a home security company that can provide alarm sensors for your windows, and want to get some great discounts on an alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security! One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

questions to ask a home security company

5 Questions to Ask a Security Alarm Company Before You Sign Up for Service

Whether or not you are getting your alarm system installed by a huge alarm company, or a small local questions to ask a home security companycompany, it can be incredibly important to ask a few questions before you let a company watch over one of your most valuable possessions: your home. After all, you wouldn’t let someone watch your child without asking at least a few questions, would you?

1. Is your company licensed to install and monitor security systems?

Never assume that just because someone is selling you a security system that they are licensed and registered to legally do so. Make sure that their title is backed up by actual licensing so that you can be sure that the company you are hiring is a legitimate business that takes what they do extremely seriously.

2. What will I be paying and how often?

One of the most important questions you can ask about any type of service that you have to pay for is an exact rundown of what you will be paying, and if it something that is continuously paid for, how often you will have to pay for it.

3. Are employees background checked and qualified to monitor my home?

This is something else you might automatically assume: All of the employees at a security company are fully qualified and innocent. However, it never hurts to make sure that they are being background checked to ensure that they do not have a history of criminal activity. If anything, it will add on peace of mind that your house is being watched over by someone who has a mutual interest in your safety.

4. What happens in an emergency situation?

If someone breaks into your house, a fire starts, or any other emergency, you will want to know what the procedure is. This includes things like how the alarm company will alert you if a fire has started or if a break-in has occurred while you are away from home, as well as how they will help you if you are inside your home. Will the local police be contacted? What about the fire department?

5. What happens if the power goes out?

It’s something we don’t really think about. However, when the power goes out, essential electronic systems like internet, appliances, etc. will also go out. Be sure to ask and ensure that your security system will stay online even after a power outage. On top of that, it never hurts to ask how long the backup system will remain online for until it too runs out of power.

Having a company install an alarm system can require a great deal of trust between you and the company. While it may seem a bit rude, clarifying questions are never a bad thing. It will show that you are up to date with the law and have a love for your home and/or family’s safety. There are a lot more questions you can ask, so don’t be afraid to ask anything that worries you or that comes to mind.

If you want a security alarm company that has the right answers for all the above questions, and get some great discounts on an alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security! One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

security alarm monitoring in coachella valley

5 Reasons Why Security Alarm Monitoring is Important

1. The police will be called automatically if there is an intruder.

If there is ever an intruder that enters your house, the 24/7 monitoring system will automatically call your local police and explain what is happening. This makes contacting the police extremely fast because you do not even have to do anything in order to have the police be on their way to your home or business. While an alarm system will deter intruders by itself, on the off chance that one decides to still try to invade your house, you will be able to have the police there as soon as possible.

2. The same thing goes for the fire department.

A home security alarm system will also watch over your home for fires. If your smoke detectors go off, the fire department will be called so that you can emergency services on the way as soon as possible. This goes equally for a business security system. The great thing about this automated system is that if the smoke detector simply goes off by accident, it won’t automatically contact the local fire department. You have a small amount of time to confirm the fire was an accident and to clear out the smoke in your property.

3. If the security team that is watching over your house sees a potential issue, they will contact you to ensure you are alright.

security alarm monitoring in coachella valleyA lot of the bigger security companies will also offer a comfort aspect to their 24/7 monitoring system. Whenever a small mishap happens, such as a smoke alarm or the alarm went off and was quickly turned back off, you might even receive a phone call ensuring that everything is alright and asking if you need any assistance. The people watching over your house are there to help and comfort you no matter what, and it is extremely nice to know that your alarm company is worrying about your well being.

4. You can also be warned about carbon monoxide in your home or business.

This one is one of the scariest of all of the threats. Carbon monoxide is really scary because it is a gas that has no color, and no smell. Essentially, you would never be able to tell if you had dangerously high levels of it in your home until it was too late. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are extremely subtle and can progress very quickly. With a monitoring system, you will be alerted as soon as carbon monoxide levels go higher than what is safe.

5. There is always a trained security expert watching over your home.

This one is less about practicality, and a lot more about the sheer comfort of being somewhere that you feel safe in. No matter what time of day, you can feel more safe because of the fact that people that are trained to watch over security systems are ensuring that you and your family or coworkers stay safe and healthy.

Consider researching the different options that are available for security alarm monitoring in your home or business. Not only will it help to improve your comfort, it will also add backup solutions and a peace of mind that no matter what, someone will be there to help you and/or send the help you need.

To experience the peace of mind of having a monitored security alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security! One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

security systems in gated communities

Are Gated Communities Really Safer than Open Communities?

security systems in gated communitiesOne statistic shows that about 10 percent of people in the United States live in gated communities. This number is on the rise too. The reason for the large increase of people living in gated communities can be attributed to the fact that gated communities are no longer reserved for the rich in the United States. In fact, gated housing is becoming more and more affordable.


Why do people buy houses in gated communities?

The biggest reason that someone would consider buying a house in a gated community is that they are thought to be much safer. However, many studies show that gated communities have little to none effect on the crime rates in those areas. In some cases, the crime rates are actually higher in gated communities than regular ungated communities.


Why are gated communities not as safe as they seem?

When people living in gated communities feel safe, they are less inclined to take the extra steps needed to protect themselves and their possessions. For example, someone living in a gated community might not lock their doors as often, or leave their home alarm off when they leave their house. Another huge reason for gated communities possibly being unsafe is that criminals may intentionally target a gated community with the assumption that the people living inside are wealthy.


Can these neighborhoods be safe?

If set up and regulated right, a gated community can be extremely safe. One of the biggest factors to a gated neighborhood’s safety is having guards employed on the premises to watch who comes in and out of the gates. Another factor that could make a gated community much safer is changing the gates codes often. People who live inside the gate have to give the code to anyone they invite, such as friends, family, or even the pizza delivery guy. This makes it very easy for the entire neighborhoods code to get out to someone who may use it for malicious purposes.


So which type of home should I choose?

If you are leaning towards a gated community, look into the types of security procedures that neighborhood has. Try to remember that merely having a border fence and a gate code doesn’t make you safe, and that a lot more goes into a safe community. If the community has an active security patrol, a great gate, and a sturdy wall, then it may be safer than a regular home. However, be sure to remember that living in a gated community could very well make you more of a target than a regular house.

If you are now swayed more towards an ungated community, then remember that there are many important things to help you stay safe without security guards to protect you. Home security can be done well if you do things like turning on your alarm and locking all of your doors before you leave your home. Criminals often break into homes according to someone’s schedule, for example as soon as they leave for work. It never hurts to set your security alarm before you leave, or even when you go to bed. This applies equally to gated communities as well, keep setting your alarm even if you already feel safe, an extra layer of security is never a bad thing.


To experience the peace of mind of having a security alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security!  One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you.  Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

home security system

home security system

7 Reasons to Use a Home Security System

A home security system may not seem like a priority, particularly in times of financial instability.  But, getting a home security system contract from a trustworthy and reliable company is a quality investment and a sound purchase. This system will certainly prove useful in improving your prosperity as well as helping your well-being to remain strong.

Following are the top seven reasons to use a home security system:

1. It Lessens Your Worries

When you know your house is equipped with a security system and your family is safe, it surely helps lessen your safety concerns.

2. It Lets You See What’s Happening in Your House Regardless of Your Absence

Internet connections and wireless cameras have made monitoring your home from a remote location a reality. Now you might check what’s happening in your house and check your pets regardless of being at work or outdoors.

3. It Gives Quicker Access to Help

Contacting for help is only a press of a button away as fire and panic buttons are available on your keypad. This quicker access feature will help in various household emergencies such as forced entries or fires, etc.

4. It May Lower Your Insurance Premium

There are many insurance companies that offer discounts on homes with security systems installed. This could range annually from 5 to 20%.

5. It Discourages Intruders

Signs, labels and stickers that come along with the security system placed in front yards and on windows and doors indicate that the house is protected with a security system and help discourage potential burglars. Outside security devices such as alarms, cameras, and motion sensors might help ward off street crime in your area.

6. It Helps Fight Crime

Monitoring devices such as recording devices and cameras could give primary evidence if a crime happens in your area.

7. It Lets You Guard Your House Even If You’re Not Around

With the help of wireless home security, you can activate your alarm system or control home automation features even from a remote location. All you have to do is log in to the home security’s console and activate the security system or other home automation features. This can spare you the worries for things such as not properly locking your house if you left in a hurry, because if you have home automation service that includes door locks, you can lock your doors remotely.

A home security system is not just for security, it keeps you and your family safe as well as protecting your important things and your valuables from intruders. These days, many security systems offer wireless benefits and features at a lower cost as compared to their wired counterparts. However, whatever is your choice, one thing is guaranteed: it will spare you the continuous worrying and will help you be at peace with your home security, which is probably the greatest benefit of all.

To experience these, and many other benefits of having a home security system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security!  One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you.  Call us today at (760) 568-0052.

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