5 Questions to Ask a Security Alarm Company Before You Sign Up for Service

Whether or not you are getting your alarm system installed by a huge alarm company, or a small local questions to ask a home security companycompany, it can be incredibly important to ask a few questions before you let a company watch over one of your most valuable possessions: your home. After all, you wouldn’t let someone watch your child without asking at least a few questions, would you?

1. Is your company licensed to install and monitor security systems?

Never assume that just because someone is selling you a security system that they are licensed and registered to legally do so. Make sure that their title is backed up by actual licensing so that you can be sure that the company you are hiring is a legitimate business that takes what they do extremely seriously.

2. What will I be paying and how often?

One of the most important questions you can ask about any type of service that you have to pay for is an exact rundown of what you will be paying, and if it something that is continuously paid for, how often you will have to pay for it.

3. Are employees background checked and qualified to monitor my home?

This is something else you might automatically assume: All of the employees at a security company are fully qualified and innocent. However, it never hurts to make sure that they are being background checked to ensure that they do not have a history of criminal activity. If anything, it will add on peace of mind that your house is being watched over by someone who has a mutual interest in your safety.

4. What happens in an emergency situation?

If someone breaks into your house, a fire starts, or any other emergency, you will want to know what the procedure is. This includes things like how the alarm company will alert you if a fire has started or if a break-in has occurred while you are away from home, as well as how they will help you if you are inside your home. Will the local police be contacted? What about the fire department?

5. What happens if the power goes out?

It’s something we don’t really think about. However, when the power goes out, essential electronic systems like internet, appliances, etc. will also go out. Be sure to ask and ensure that your security system will stay online even after a power outage. On top of that, it never hurts to ask how long the backup system will remain online for until it too runs out of power.

Having a company install an alarm system can require a great deal of trust between you and the company. While it may seem a bit rude, clarifying questions are never a bad thing. It will show that you are up to date with the law and have a love for your home and/or family’s safety. There are a lot more questions you can ask, so don’t be afraid to ask anything that worries you or that comes to mind.

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