3 Ways Home Security Systems Have Changed Over the Last 25 Years

honeywell total connect keypad and home automation devicesSociety these days has become more dependent on technology that makes the standards of everyday living more convenient. This also includes security measures for our homes and workplaces. Home security systems have evolved drastically over the last 25 years. Over the years, new tools and gadgets have been invented, we can see the evolution by the emergence of pertinent security gadgets and ultra-modern surveillance cameras. Apart from this, home security technology is now accessible by ordinary families as well and not just rich people. Homeowners these days have relatively more options when it comes to security systems to increase their security and safety within the home. Following are 3 examples of how home security systems have evolved over the years:

1. Theft Deterrent Sounds

Despite innovative inventions in home security tools and gadgets, homeowners are interested in more. One of the best examples of home security system evolution is the time-honored feature of lighting timers all through the interior and exterior of your home. Using MP3 technology, “theft deterrent sounds” can be easily programmed within your home. These sounds range from gentle conversations to the sounds of various dishes being washed, movies, TV shows, and inhabitation sounds. Furthermore, these systems can also be hooked up to motion detectors. Burglars mostly target unoccupied houses, and with this technology you can keep the thieves at bay even when you are not at home.

2. Timed Lighting Solutions

In addition to theft deterrent sounds, timed lighting solutions have also become more intelligent. New technology allows these systems to remember your lighting habits (when you turn on/off lights throughout your home), and are capable of duplicating the exact patterns while you are not present in your home. Hence, these timed lighting solutions resemble actual usage of lights by allowing every light in your home to be turned on/off with your pattern. This system works as an additional security layer and can easily deceive burglars into thinking that you are in your home, even when you are not.

3. Heat and Motion Detectors

Heat and motion detectors are evolved security options available through improved technology. These detectors are now more sensitive than ever and are capable of automatically detecting the presence of anyone who tries to bypass door and window alarms. Motion and body heat detectors also work to surround your house with additional layer of security as an alarm will sound before an intruder will ever actually have a chance to touch yourhouse.


Although the technology has evolved a lot in terms of enhanced security of your home; a professionally monitored home security system is still the best option. These monitored security systems not only provide protections when you are at home, but also give you peace of mind when you are not. The wide variety of system upgrades and enhancements such as two-way voice communications with monitoring center, smart motion detectors, arming and disarming options with a remote,various options for carbon monoxide detectors, smoke and fire detectors, etc. make comprehensive security a snap.

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