6 Maintenance Tips to Remember for Your Home Security System When You Do Your “Spring Cleaning”

6-maintenance-tips-to-remember-for-your-home-security-system-when-you-do-your-spring-cleaningSpring cleaning involves thorough dusting and cleaning of all the things in the house. It is much needed because houses become dirty during the winter months from the stains caused by climate and environmental elements. Along with other things on your spring cleaning checklist, it is recommended that you add maintenance of your home security system to the list as well.

Following are 6 maintenance tips to remember for your home security system during this spring cleaning:

1. Cleaning

Cleaning physical aspects and parts of your home security system is beneficial, particularly because you will be able to detect many potential problems that may otherwise get ignored. When the issues are detected, it will become easier for you to find proper solutions and make sure that your home security system is working at its full potential.

2. Test the Control Panel

The control panel is the central unit of a home security system. Each and every component of the system is controlled by it as their signals pass through it and then the control panel interprets those signals, hence controlling what to activate and when to activate. All control panels nowadays have a ‘test’ mode that has been designed to diagnose the system so that you can make sure that everything is working properly. It is recommended that you notify your monitoring service before running the test mode. Furthermore, inspect the panel visually to look for any signs of damage or loose wires. If there are signs of wear or the panel malfunctions during the self-test, notify your alarm company immediately.

3. Inspect Batteries in Your Security Devices

Wireless security devices run on batteries. So it would be a good idea to inspect them and replace the batteries if required. You don’t want an important component of your home security system to fail due to a battery-related problem.

4. Inspect All Cameras

During the spring cleaning, inspect each and every camera of your home security system. During inspection, make sure that the cameras have power, they are aimed properly, and have not been damaged/vandalized. Apart from the physical inspection, check the recording and monitoring devices as well to make sure that all the cameras are recording as expected.

5. Examine the Lights

Security lights are usually situated in your driveway, backyard, or any other entryways that lead to your home. Apart from helping deter intruders, security lights also offer safe entry to the house after dark. Check all your outdoor security lights and replace them if needed. Sometimes, security lighting shifts slightly due to the wind. If that is the case, then readjust them so they are aimed properly and their effectiveness if maximized.

6. Request Annual Inspections

Although inspecting the home security system by yourself helps prevent many issues, hiring professional help can go a long way to ensure that each and every aspect of your home security system works as expected. Furthermore, it will also save you time so you can deal with other items that are in your spring cleaning checklist. Most home alarm and monitoring companies offer annual inspections at reasonable costs. It would be a good idea to take advantage of this and ensure that your home security system provides much needed security without issues for years to come.

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