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6 Different Types of Sensors That Home Alarm Systems Use to Detect an Intruder

6-different-types-of-sensors-that-home-alarm-systems-use-to-detect-an-intruderThere are many factors to consider when you are shopping for a home alarm system. The alarm type is probably on top of most homeowners’ list. However, deciding on what type of sensors to install is also very important because they are the most vital component of your home alarm system. An efficient alarm system sensor will detect any intrusions and save you from unfortunate circumstances.

Following are 6 different types of sensors that home alarm systems use to detect an intruder:

1. Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

Also known as PIR sensors, these are the most common type of sensors homeowners use because they are practical and affordable. The term passive means that these detectors operate without any need to radiate and generate their own energy. PIR sensors can efficiently detect changes in the ambient temperature as well as body heat. If these sensors detect a temperature spike due to the presence of an intruder or foreign object, the alarm is set off. A thing to note is that infrared energy cannot pass through glass, so the alarm won’t trigger due to the presence of people or animals outside.

2. Ultrasonic Detectors

Ultrasonic detectors use high-frequency sound waves to detect any kind of movement within a limited space. They transmit frequencies between 25 kHz and 75 kHz, which are inaudible to human ears. These frequencies are bounced off the walls, ceiling, as well as furniture in a protected room. And when there is any sudden change in the stabilized frequency, the alarm is triggered. Any moving object can change the frequency of the surrounding sound waves in the protected space, so these sensors will not discriminate between intruders and passersby.

3. Microwave Detectors

Microwave detectors work in the same manner as ultrasonic detectors. However, they use high frequency radio waves instead of sound waves. The advantage of using microwave detectors is that radio waves can go through walls, so they provide relatively more coverage as compared to ultrasonic waves.

4. Magnetic Switches

Magnetic switches are typically used for protecting doors and windows. Their ease of use, durability, and affordability makes them a popular choice. They consist of two separate parts i.e. the switch and the magnet, and homeowners can easily install them themselves. The switch creates an electrical circuit with the magnet when closed because it contains a spring. If a window or door is opened the circuit breaks and the alarm is triggered.

5. Photoelectric Beams

Photoelectric beams utilize infrared light beams in order to detect the presence of an intruder. These infrared light beams are usually stacked in rows of two or more. The home alarm system goes off if anyone obstructs a beam.

6. Glass Break Detectors

When a glass breaks, different bands of frequencies are generated including ultrasonic waves that are audible to humans as well as infrasonic that humans cannot hear. These sensors are installed next to glass panes, and the alarm sets off instantly when the glass breaks.

If you have a home in The Coachella Valley and are concerned about the overall security of your property, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional alarm consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!


Protect Your Home by Doing These 5 Things with Your Windows

protect-your-home-by-doing-these-5-things-with-your-windowsAdequately preparing your windows can greatly increase the protection of your home from break-ins and invaders, but it is an often-overlooked aspect of home security. Doors are an obvious point of entry that can be easily protected by locks and security systems, yet windows tend to be left alone beyond their standard locks.

However, there are many steps that can be taken to help prepare your windows against potential break-ins:

1. Always lock them

It’s an obvious statement but one that is surprisingly ignored – always take the time to lock your windows.

People often leave the home with windows open as they believe the risk is minimal or not even a threat – especially when they’re above ground level – which is a big mistake as many thieves will see it as an open invitation to enter.

Any time you go outside, simply take the time to lock every single window, even if the weather is warm. It’s quick, its easy, but most importantly it’s effective.

Better still – upgrade your window locks! If you think your window locks aren’t up to the task, you can certainly increase their stability by adding a second set of locks.

2. Window cameras and alarms

Many homeowners will install security cameras throughout their home, namely the entrances and exits, as well as areas like the porch. Yet not as many people opt to install window security cameras to deter thieves.

Not only are they a preventative device just like other security cameras as burglars look to avoid them, they can also provide you with a notification should they break-in or set off a house alarm.

3. Reinforced glass

An incredibly effective way of securing your windows is by installing reinforced glass panes. Standard window glass can be broken with relative ease, which is one of the most common methods used to break-in using a window.

Reinforced glass is incredibly durable so it will not be easily broken. Any burglar that attempts to break it will likely given up after long, due to the noise and general disruption it will cause. Options for reinforced glass include tempered glass, laminated glass, and even bullet-resistant glass.

4. Window bars

Adorning the front of your windows with bars is one of the most effective ways to protect your home from potential break-ins. This is due to the fact that even if the glass is broken, no burglar will be able to fit through the gaps of the bars.

Of course, metal bars are viewed as rather unsightly and prison-like, so you may prefer the more aesthetically pleasing grill option.

5. Flood lights

As these are a popular deterrent for other entry points of a home, flood lights can be highly effective for windows too. By simply installing a flood light outside of any window, you can expect most burglars to stay clear, as not many enjoy the idea of breaking in through a well-lit window.

If you have a home in The Coachella Valley and are concerned about the overall security of your property, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional alarm consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!


5 Ways to Prepare Your Home When You Go on Vacation

5-ways-to-prepare-your-home-when-you-go-on-vacationForgetting to secure the home before heading off for a short or extended vacation is one of the biggest mistakes most homeowners often make. There are many suggestions you should keep in mind because if your home is not secure, it will lead to undue stress and worrying which will make it harder to enjoy your vacation.

Following are 5 ways to prepare your home when you go on vacation:

1. House Sitter

When planning a trip, it is recommended that you make arrangements for a house sitter or simply ask a friend or relative to stay over. Most burglars want to avoid confrontation. They want to find a home which is empty so that they could work quickly without any interruption and be on their way. The key to protecting your home is to make it look like it is inhabited, and not empty. While there are a number of ways to make it look inhabited, the best way is to actually have somebody staying there.

2. Timers

If you can’t arrange someone to stay in your home, you might want to invest in a few timers. Timers are relatively inexpensive and can be easily bought from either a hardware store or a home improvement store. Some homeowners simply leave their lights on when going on a vacation; it is not recommended because it can have the reverse effect of informing a potential burglar that the house is empty. It is recommended that you use timers to establish the appearance of activity continuing inside the home.

3. Locks

Make sure your locks are secure and the screws are sturdy, etc. Also, be sure to lock all your windows and doors before leaving.

4. Valuables

Put all your valuables in a safe place. If you have a safe in your home, use it. If not, then take your time and move your valuables to a safe deposit box. Jewelry and artwork are a popular target for thieves, so make sure to take care of those first.

5. Home Alarm

Simply installing a loud alarm won’t be enough. If you want to use a home alarm, then it is recommended that you use a monitored system. There are many choices when it comes to monitored home alarm systems; a do-it-yourself system, a local home security company system, and a national home monitoring system. While a do-it-yourself installation system is very cheap and may seem like a good choice, it is highly recommended that you stick with the pros and hire the services of a local home security company.


Securing your home and valuables should be your top priority before going away for a while, no matter whether it is a short trip or an extended vacation. With a little bit of preparation and action on your part, you can easily enhance the security of your home and possessions so you can have a carefree, relaxing getaway.

If you have a home in The Coachella Valley and are concerned about the overall security of your property, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional alarm consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!


4 Important Places to Put Motion Sensor Lighting Outside Your Home

4-important-places-put-motion-sensor-lighting-outside-homeWhether you want to deter criminals from entering or want to light up your home for safety when walking, installing motion sensor lighting is a recommended option. It is one of the best and most cost-effective investments you can make for your property. Placement of these lights plays a key role in enhancing their effectiveness and security of the home.

Following are 4 important places to put motion sensor lighting around your home:

1. Within the Garage

There are two major advantages of installing motion sensor lights within the garage. First, it is likely that some of your most valuable items (for example tools, bikes, or vehicles) are stored within the garage, so the lights there will deter thieves. Secondly, motion sensor lights in the garage will allow you to do work within your garage at any time of the day. If an intruder enters your garage, he/she will be exposed because the motion sensor lights will illuminate the area.

2. Property Walkways

Similar to the ones in the garage, motion sensor lighting on your property walkways will offer two advantages; it will illuminate things for your guests and non-intrusive visitors as well as deter criminals from using walkways, especially those that lead to home entrances. In this way, not only will you be able to increase your home’s security, you will also be avoiding slip and fall accidents.

3. All Home Entrances

Apart from installing motion sensor lighting on main entryways, it is recommended that you install them on all of your home entrances, including the most unlikely ones. Thieves can find a way into a home via windows, backdoors, etc. These are their favorite areas. If you install motion sensor lighting in such areas of your home, burglars will be exposed if they try to enter your home. Furthermore, installing motion sensor lights on fence gates, opening of a driveway, etc. would also be a good idea.

4. Open Areas, Gardens, and Pools

If the motion sensor lighting catches an intruder when breaking and entering, their instant reaction would likely be to escape to a relatively darker area. Such areas generally include a garden, a pool, an open expanse of yard, etc. By installing motion sensor lighting throughout these areas of your home, you will provide no obvious hiding spots for the intruder, and in doing so will prevent an intruder from seeking comfort in darker areas of your yard.


If you take some time and carefully plan the placement of motion sensor lighting around your home, it will pay off with many benefits. When planning the placement of these lights, make sure to consider the overall layout of your home, your primary reason for the motion lighting, your yard layout, and any existing limitations (whether from electric wiring issues or existing lighting) that you may run into when installing the motion sensor lighting. These considerations will help you maximize the convenience and security functions of your lighting.

If you have a home in The Coachella Valley and are concerned about the overall security of your property, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional alarm consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

what burglars look for

Top 3 Items that Burglars Want When Breaking into Homes

what burglars look forMost homeowners know that they need some kind of security system put in place to protect and secure their possessions and homes. However, some other homeowners who have no security system in place to protect their homes from theft or break in, may find themselves in a difficult situation. Maybe if they knew about the top items that are usually stolen, they will better protect their valued possessions.

Following are top 3 items that burglars look for when breaking into homes:

1. Cash

The first and the most obvious item that is usually stolen is cash. There’s no doubt that it is the first thing burglars look for in any house. So if you have a lot of cash in your home and if you think that you have hidden it in the safest hiding spot, think again. Actually, think like a thief. Because the best hiding spots in your house are the most obvious ones to burglars. A recommended option is to get a safe and not just any safe that is easy to crack for burglars; you need to get the one that is sure to be a lot of hassle for thieves to mess with. There might even come a time when you need to get into it yourself. There are many kinds of safes out there, fireproof, waterproof, electric lock ones, etc.

2. Jewelry

The next top item is jewelry. Burglars look for things that can get them plenty of cash, and jewelry is an easy and quick solution. If you only have a few pieces of jewelry which you wear constantly, then there shouldn’t be any problem, however most individuals have extra pieces that they use as an alternate wearing. Therefore, if you have extra pieces that you are not wearing, you have to think a way to secure them. The best way to secure pricey jewelry is to keep it in a safety deposit box in a bank. A personal safe is also a good option. There are some other options to secure jewelry, however, the best would be in one of these two.

3. Guns

During a break in, guns are also top items that are stolen. Even though guns may be somewhat difficult to sell, there are black markets as well as some other means to sell them. Guns are always an easy target particularly if you leave them out in the open. Some individuals keep them in safes but don’t lock them, if you do the same, the odds are high that you won’t have guns after a burglar leaves your house. You must have a safe place in your home to keep all your guns locked up, particularly if you have children. Keeping the ammo separate from guns is also a good idea. However, this move won’t keep your guns from being stolen, but just make it safer in your house.

In conclusion, the above mentioned items are the top 3 that are usually stolen from homes. From personal safes to safety deposit boxes to having a home security system installed, there are numerous ways to protect your valued possessions.

If you have a home or business in The Coachella Valley, and want to increase your safety and security, see our page for special offers on a new alarm system, then contact the professional security consultants at Command One Security! We are eager to discuss with you the most effective and economical options we have available for home security today. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

Preventing Burglaries in the Coachella Valley

5 Things Burglars Look for When Choosing a House to Rob

Similarly, to going out and trying to find a house to live in, burglars can be very picky about which house they will rob. There are many factors that go into which house they choose, however, it is important to try and make it harder for your house to be robbed, therefore increasing the chances of a burglar skipping your house.

1. No security alarm.

Preventing Burglaries in the Coachella ValleyThis is the absolute first thing that burglars are going to check when they go to rob a house. If you simply have a sign on your front lawn from your security company, and stickers on all of your doors and windows, you are much less likely to be robbed. Burglars who were asked about this said that when they say a security company was monitoring the house, the majority of the time they would skip it.

2. A house that appears to be empty.

A burglar does not want to walk into a house with people in it. First, it makes it a lot more dangerous for them, because of the fact that the homeowners might try to defend their property, and secondly, if the house is empty it means that they have a smaller chance of ever getting caught.

3. A full mailbox.

One tell-tale sign that a family has been gone from their home for a long period of time is quickly checking the mail. If it’s mail from more than a few days, the burglar can be reasonably certain that you are away from your home. The best thing to do when you are gone from your home for more than a few days is to ask your neighbor if they can collect your mail for you every few days, simply so it won’t build up.

4. Bad lighting.

A burglar will try to find a house or street that is not very well illuminated. A home with a lot of shadows will make it a lot easier for a burglar to remain unseen. On top of that, if the home is equipped with motion sensing lights, the burglar will most likely avoid your home.

5. Unlocked or open doors and windows.

After all of the other things have been checked, a burglar is going to take a walk around your house and attempt to open every single door and window. If you have accidentally left even a single one unlocked or open, it is going to be extremely easy for a burglar to quietly get inside your home. A burglar always wants the easy and quiet way into your home, instead of having to break your door or bust open a window.

One of the best ways that you can protect your home from burglars is make it extremely difficult and annoying to get into your house quietly. If your house is guarded by a security company and you always lock the doors, you are going to be much less likely to be robbed because of the fact that the burglar will simply go to the next house.

To increase the security of your home in The Coachella Valley, you can take advantage of special offers to get a residential alarm system, then contact a security consultant at Command One Security! We will be happy to discuss the most comprehensive and most cost-effective options we have available today. Call us now at (760) 568-0052!

security systems in gated communities

Are Gated Communities Really Safer than Open Communities?

security systems in gated communitiesOne statistic shows that about 10 percent of people in the United States live in gated communities. This number is on the rise too. The reason for the large increase of people living in gated communities can be attributed to the fact that gated communities are no longer reserved for the rich in the United States. In fact, gated housing is becoming more and more affordable.


Why do people buy houses in gated communities?

The biggest reason that someone would consider buying a house in a gated community is that they are thought to be much safer. However, many studies show that gated communities have little to none effect on the crime rates in those areas. In some cases, the crime rates are actually higher in gated communities than regular ungated communities.


Why are gated communities not as safe as they seem?

When people living in gated communities feel safe, they are less inclined to take the extra steps needed to protect themselves and their possessions. For example, someone living in a gated community might not lock their doors as often, or leave their home alarm off when they leave their house. Another huge reason for gated communities possibly being unsafe is that criminals may intentionally target a gated community with the assumption that the people living inside are wealthy.


Can these neighborhoods be safe?

If set up and regulated right, a gated community can be extremely safe. One of the biggest factors to a gated neighborhood’s safety is having guards employed on the premises to watch who comes in and out of the gates. Another factor that could make a gated community much safer is changing the gates codes often. People who live inside the gate have to give the code to anyone they invite, such as friends, family, or even the pizza delivery guy. This makes it very easy for the entire neighborhoods code to get out to someone who may use it for malicious purposes.


So which type of home should I choose?

If you are leaning towards a gated community, look into the types of security procedures that neighborhood has. Try to remember that merely having a border fence and a gate code doesn’t make you safe, and that a lot more goes into a safe community. If the community has an active security patrol, a great gate, and a sturdy wall, then it may be safer than a regular home. However, be sure to remember that living in a gated community could very well make you more of a target than a regular house.

If you are now swayed more towards an ungated community, then remember that there are many important things to help you stay safe without security guards to protect you. Home security can be done well if you do things like turning on your alarm and locking all of your doors before you leave your home. Criminals often break into homes according to someone’s schedule, for example as soon as they leave for work. It never hurts to set your security alarm before you leave, or even when you go to bed. This applies equally to gated communities as well, keep setting your alarm even if you already feel safe, an extra layer of security is never a bad thing.


To experience the peace of mind of having a security alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security!  One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you.  Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

keep your home safe in coachella valley

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Out of Town

keep your home safe in coachella valleyAn empty house is probably the most wanted target of burglars. Thieves prefer to get inside an empty house because there would be no encounters with homeowners and there are minimum risks of being discovered as well.

Burglars are the biggest threat to the safety of your home when you are away. They keep an eye on houses to observe the activities of the family. And when they see no activity in a house, they make their move; break into the house and take whatever possessions they want. This can be prevented if a home security alarm is installed to monitor the house.  When you are out of town for vacation, business meeting, or any other purposes, a home security alarm associated with a home security system can protect your house from intruders.  When an alarm is triggered, it instantly calls the monitoring center where they have trained operators ready to alert the authorities.

There are many additional things you can do to help protect your family even better when you are out of town. These include using light timers that can automatically turn lights, radios, televisions, etc. on and off at specific times. This will give the appearance that the house is occupied and not empty. Additionally, having the newspaper and mail either stopped or picked up by a neighbor, family member, or a friend can also provide the same appearance.

Furthermore, having window decals and signs labeled with a home security system logo will also work as a warning to burglars and they may forgo the thought of breaking into your house. Burglars look for those signs. First they see whether the house has a home security system installed, then they check whether it is occupied or empty. They do this because they want to minimize the risk of being caught and avoid complications. Therefore, if they think that an alarm system is installed in a home that may contact the monitoring center to alert the police, they are less likely to attempt breaking into the house.

A home security alarm is the best tool to keep your home safe from burglars when you are out of town.  It provides difficulties to thieves who want to steal from your house as they perceive it as a threat because they know that by the time they break into the house, the authorities are already on the way. The new technology implemented in home security systems is making it difficult for the thieves to break into a house. Even if the phone line is cut, the home security system will still function and has the ability to contact the monitoring center via cell phone when the home telephone is not accessible.

From the benefits mentioned in this article, it is clear that a home security alarm is an ideal choice for you if you want to truly enjoy your vacation and feel more relaxed when you are away, knowing that your home is safe.

To experience this peace of mind, and inquire about a home security system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security!  One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you.  Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

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