What To Do if You Hear Your Neighbor’s House Alarm Going Off

What-To-Do-If-You-Hear-Your-Neighbors-House-Alarm-Going-OffA lot of homeowners take their home’s security seriously and install a home security alarm system on their property. But few actually think about what they would do if the home alarm system of one of their neighbors goes off. Although, the advanced home security systems nowadays directly contact the authorities, there are still some that do not. Such systems rely on someone hearing the alarm and calling the authorities, or on scaring the criminal or burglar away with the noise alone.

While most people are well aware of what to do when their home security alarm system goes off, they fail to learn what to do when it happens in their neighbor’s house.

Following are some things you should do if you hear your neighbor’s house alarm going off:

1. Observe

If a home alarm system of one of your neighbors goes off, start by identifying the source of the noise. It is recommended to observe from a safe distance if you have a good line of sight to the source. Do not just glance for a few seconds; observe for at least five to ten minutes. If you are unable to see something going wrong, try to contact your neighbor via phone or text in order to let them know that their unit has gone off. It is also recommended to observe your neighbor’s house again every five to ten minutes, particularly if the noise is still sounding.

2. Avoid Direct Confrontation

If you see a suspicious individual near the source of the alarm, it is recommended that you avoid direct confrontation. Directly confronting a suspicious or mischievous individual can lead to a dangerous situation such as vandalism, harassment, or even violence. If your line of sight is not good and you have to get closer to make a good observation, then it is recommended that you keep a safe distance between yourself and the house where the alarm is going off.

3. Make Personal Contact with The Homeowner

Even if the alarm is switched off and there seems to be no signs of trouble, it is still imperative that you follow up. Especially, when you cannot contact your neighbor via phone or text, making a personal contact with him/her about what happened can make a difference. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home as well as your neighborhood.

4. Report to Authorities

Not reporting minor incidents (such as neighbor’s home security alarm going off) is one of the biggest mistakes neighborhood residents make. If your neighbor’s house alarm is going off and it may seem to you that a suspicious activity is going on in their home, it is recommended that you report the incident. Timely reporting to authorities regarding such suspicious activities in your neighborhood can help stop a burglar, a sex offender, or even a murderer before the situation gets really bad and results in scary incidents.

In conclusion, if you look out for your neighbors in such circumstances and take some action instead of ignoring it, it can have a great impact on reducing crime.

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