4 Things That Help Get Burglars Caught After Breaking Into A Home

4-things-that-help-get-burglars-caught-after-breaking-into-a-homeNothing is worse than having your home broken into and your valuables stolen. It’s an understandably traumatic experience, yet after the initial shock of being robbed, there is a good chance you are motivated to do all you can to help catch the crook.

However, preventative measures are always the best course of action to take. Even if you have a robust security system in place, there is still a chance that a burglar might break into your home, so it always helps to take some extra steps to help catch them in the event of a break-in.

Here are four things that help get burglars caught after breaking into a home:

1. Video Footage

The most obvious way of catching a burglar is by providing the police with video footage of the break-in. This means you’ll need to install some security cameras throughout your home to ensure there is always a video feed should there be a break in.

Should police have video footage of a break-in then they have so much more evidence to work with, significantly increasing the chances of the burglar being caught – get those security cameras installed ASAP!

2. Marked Valuables

This is a much more subtle method and one that works wonders, especially for catching inexperienced burglars. Basically, you want to mark anything you deem a valuable possession, and there are a few options for how to go about doing this.

A popular method is a UV pen. These are cheap and leave no marks on your belongings, revealing the mark under a UV light. So, if the police were to catch a suspect with some of your stolen valuables they can use the marking to confirm it’s yours and that the suspect stole it.

3. Inventory of Items

Like marking your items, creating an inventory of items is another easy preventative measure that may help catch a burglar. Again, if the police catch a suspect and they have some of the items on your inventory list, it’s much easier to determine they are the culprit.

Similarly, checking pawn shops and websites such as Craigslist for your inventory of items may reveal the thief’s whereabouts, so it never hurts to create a list of all the valuables in your home.

4. Electronic Tracker

You may be able to determine the exact whereabouts of the burglar if you have an electronic tracker on some of your valuables, which is a lot easier than it sounds. This works especially well for finding electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, which just so happen to be prime targets for burglars.

Tracking devices vary in size, but most are very small and easy to attach to valuables – in many instances they remain well hidden. Tracking methods vary, with some using GPS, Bluetooth, or even altitude signals, and those with the longest tracking ranges are best for anti-theft.

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