Be Suspicious When You See People Doing These 4 Types of Things in Your Neighborhood

Be-Suspicious-When-You-See-People-Doing-These-4-Types-of-Things-in-Your-NeighborhoodA suspicious behavior or activity is an occurrence that is out of place in your neighborhood. As a concerned neighbor and citizen, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on such activities and report them in order to help the authorities reduce crime, make your neighborhood more secure and safer, and improve the overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, many times, people notice such activities but don’t call the authorities because they assume that someone else in the neighborhood has called. Don’t assume! Be suspicious of people doing these things and make the call – if the activity has already been reported, the dispatcher will inform you.

Following are 4 types of things that you should be suspicious of when they occur in your neighborhood:

1. Strangers Wandering in Your Neighborhood or on Properties

If you see a stranger in the neighborhood or on one of your neighbors’ property, without any signs of the homeowners, then be suspicious of it. Even an individual standing out front of a house for a long time, looking around aimlessly, could be a lookout or an accomplice. If you observe such behaviors in the middle of the night or during odd times, this could be a sign of criminal activity and you should report it immediately.

2. Strangers Peering into Windows or Cars

This is a clear sign of suspicious activity/behavior. If you see someone peering into a parked car in the neighborhood or even into windows of a house, it is highly recommended that you take a photo of the person from a safe distance, if possible. After taking the picture, share it with the police. It will help them identify the suspicious person.

3. A Stranger in a Parked Vehicle for Long Durations

Experienced burglars observe their target before they take any action. Some of the ways they do this include parking close to a home to survey routines, conducting multiple drive-bys to check the activity of the homeowner, etc. So, if you see a stranger in their vehicle, parked outside any home in your neighborhood, take note of their appearance, the vehicle’s license plate, color, and make just in case.

4. Door to Door Solicitations without Proper Identification

This is another strategy many burglars use when attempting to commit burglary. They tend to knock on doors posing as salespersons, religious groups, or construction workers. Oftentimes, they simply knock on doors to see if anyone is home as they don’t want confrontation. So, be suspicious when you see a stranger knocking on doors without properly identifying himself. And if he suddenly knocks on your door, don’t open it and first ask him to provide valid identification.

Oftentimes, reporting these suspicious activities and behaviors in the neighborhood lead to crime prevention. So, it is important to know what to look out for. It is recommended that you establish relationships with your neighbors so that you know the routines of each other. This will make it easier for you to spot something out of the ordinary and hence keep the neighborhood safe.

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