4 Types of Suspicious Behavior to Watch for in Your Neighbors

4 Types of Suspicious Behavior to Watch for in Your NeighborsSuspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. Your role as a good neighbor and a concerned citizen is to report whatever you think is suspicious or wrong. It is very important to know your neighbors so you can help to maintain a safe community. Getting to know the regular patterns of your neighbors allows you to see when something is suspicious or unusual.

Here are 4 types of suspicious behavior to watch for in your neighbors:

1. Unusual Traffic

A lot of people nowadays run (legal) small businesses out of their homes. However, if you notice unusual traffic e.g. large number of individuals coming and going from the house, especially at night or outside of normal business hours, then it could mean that there is something shady going on. Your neighbor could be harboring criminals, running a meth lab, or dealing drugs. If you spot visitors that don’t live in the neighborhood, exchanging small items for cash, making deliveries, paying quick visits, etc., then it is recommended that you notify the neighborhood watch about it.

2. Blacked Out Windows or Curtains Always Drawn

Neighbors blacking out windows with blankets, plywood, aluminum foil, etc. or putting their curtains drawn 24/7 is a sign that something suspicious is going on in their house. Some other signs of suspicious activity include large amount of traffic visiting the residence in early morning or late evening hours, numerous antifreeze containers, duct tape, drain cleaner, lantern fuel cans, and coffee filters that have been stained red, etc.

3. A Neglected House

A house that is neglected is another sign of dangerous neighbors. Old vehicles in the driveway, messy lawns, newspapers left outside, etc. could be signs that something fishy is going on. The loud noises at inappropriate times could be a sign of a hidden agenda. The neighbor may be hiding from the law, having drug parties, or people inside the house could be abusing one another.

4. Police Calls and Solutions

Another indication that your neighbors are dangerous is seeing police often at their house. Abuse among children, parents, and pets is possible. If you have no idea why the police visited your neighbor’s house, check with the police department or your other neighbors. Starting a neighborhood watch is a good idea when something suspicious is noticed. If there have been neglect, noise, or burglaries, look into it. Check the sex offender registry if your neighbor is suspicious of being a sex offender.

Final Word

Identifying dangerous people in the neighborhood is not always easy, but some certain signs could alert you to danger. You shouldn’t ignore these signs. You should also keep in mind that unusual or suspicious activities do not always mean that something shady is going on in your neighborhood. If you suspect that your neighbors are up to something no good, let law enforcement officials know. As a concerned citizen, it is your responsibility to watch out for suspicious behavior and report.

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