Never Hide Your House Keys in These 6 Spots Never Hide Your House Keys in These 6 Spots

There are many instances where people want to hide a house key outside. It’s often a spare key that is only used for emergencies, such as losing your keys and being locked out, while others like to leave their key around because they don’t want to carry it around, such as going for a quick jog around the block.

While there are valid reasons for hiding house keys around your property, it’s important to understand the risk of doing so. Yes, you can hide it well but there are certain spots that aren’t as good as you might think!

Here are 6 spots where you should never hide your house key:

Under the Doormat

The classic hiding spot, and possibly one of the worst, never hide your house keys under the doormat! The reason is quite simple – anyone that’s an intruder with a shred of intelligence will check this spot first.

Around one third of burglars use the front door to access the property, many of which have found a spare key lying under the doormat and used it for easy access. Never make the mistake of hiding any key under the doormat!

Under Pots or Rocks

While not as obvious as a doormat, placing a key under a plant pot on your porch or a nearby rock is also a dreadful idea. Basically, any large object located near the door will likely be checked when someone is trying to find a spare key to break in, so that means plant pots and other décor should be avoided at all costs.

Under Trash Bins

As you might noticed there is a trend where hiding keys under objects outside your house is a bad idea, and trash bins are another example of this. While the larger size of some trash bins may make them appear as a decent hiding spot, they are anything but this.

Trash bins are easily moved and will be every few weeks when they get emptied. This will leave your key exposed or may have even been dragged beneath the bin as they are emptied and get lost. Don’t make the mistake of hiding your keys under any of your trash bins.

Inside a Fake Rock

Despite being marketed as an innovated home security product fake rocks are a terrible place to hide a spare key. The reason its such an unwise place to hide your keys is because almost every burglar knows about these fake rocks and can spot them from a mile away.

On Your Car

Cars can offer a nice hiding spot for a key, especially if using a magnetic lockbox. The sad truth is that burglars tend to check around your car wheels, so even using a lockbox to store the keys isn’t recommended.

Inside the Mailbox

Sometimes people stash their key in their mailbox when running a quick errand. While the temporary spot may seem harmless, mailboxes aren’t the most secure and you may find the key is accidently lifted by the mailman.

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