4 Things to Be Cautious About with Your Home Security Cameras

4 Things to Be Cautious About with Your Home Security CamerasHome security cameras are one of the most important additions to any household. However, despite the advancement in technology, these cameras carry with them the risk of unauthorized access. So, you can’t just install them and forget about them. It is a known fact that home security cameras are prone to hacking and it’s not that difficult to do so. So, to ensure the safety and security of your home, you should practice caution. There are certain things to be cautious about when it comes to home security cameras. Watching out for them is your responsibility as a homeowner.

Following are 4 things to be cautious about with your home security cameras:

1. Strange Noises from the Camera

While it is true that some home security cameras make strange sounds, particularly when zooming or rotating, it usually happens when you are at the helm. So, if you are not controlling them and you hear those kinds of noises coming from your cameras, then first check that no one in your home is fooling around with them. If that is not the case and there are still odd noises coming from your cameras, then it could possibly mean that they have been hacked and that the hacker might be looking at you. Sure, it could also be a sign of malfunction but to stay on the safe side, you should be cautious about it and never ignore it.

2. Abnormal Rotations

Many home security cameras nowadays, even some of the cheaper ones, have some kind of rotational factor. To figure out whether the camera has been hacked, you should disconnect it and see how it behaves. If the camera is rotating on its own even after you disconnected it, then it could mean that someone has tapped into it. Again, it could also be just a glitch or a design flaw. However, you shouldn’t take those chances.

3. Light at the End of the Camera

Virtually all home security cameras feature an illuminated LED light. The light is there to indicate that the device is powered on and recording. If you see the LED light powering off and on by itself, then it could mean that someone is trying to tap into your cameras or has already done so. To make sure that it is not just a malfunction, it is recommended that you turn off the cameras and ask everyone in your home to disconnect from them. If this kind of behavior continues, particularly at night time, then it could be a sign that someone has hacked into them.

4. Any Subtle Changes in the Camera’s Security Settings

Hackers, particularly the clever ones, will be gunning for your home security camera’s firmware settings. Oftentimes, they will mask any changes made to your security camera’s software as security settings or firmware upgrades that make no sense. One example of this is your home security camera system’s user and password reverting to default. You should be very cautious about such changes. Take a look at your home security system’s security settings if you notice any unusual activity in your cameras. Look for anything out of the ordinary – unauthorized connections, password-change prompts, a new menu or submenu, etc.

Home security cameras can be prone to hacking. It is up to you to stay vigilant and prevent someone from spying on you.

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