Having a Party at Your House? Here Are 5 Ways to Ensure Safety and Security For Your Home and Belongings

having-a-party-at-your-house-here-are-5-ways-to-ensure-safety-and-security-for-your-home-and-belongingsThere is nothing quite as fun as hosting your own house party – but there is also nothing more stressful! Sending out invites, ensuring everyone has a great time, making sure the food is cooked to perfection, playing the right type of music, cleaning up all the mess afterwards – a good host has plenty to worry about before, during, and after a house party!

Yet there is one aspect of hosting a party that many people overlook – home security. While it’s nice to assume everyone at a house party has no intention of stealing or damaging anything, these things can happen, so it always helps to prepare for the unexpected.

Here are 5 ways to ensure safety and security for your home and belongings:

1. Be mindful of open invitations

Many people use social media to notify guests of an upcoming party, and while very convenient compared to contacting people individually, it does pose a security threat not everyone is aware of.

When sending out open invitations, whether via social media or in person, be mindful that it could lead to unexpected guests arriving. Some people may see the invite without you realizing it while others will invite guests to your party, meaning there could be lots of guests you are unfamiliar with.

Instead, send out secure invites using email, text messages, phone calls, or even a paper invite – this ensures no unknown guests attend that could possibly be a risk to your home security.

2. Create a Guest List

This is a great method for ensuring you know exactly who is at the party, making it easier to identify someone that should be there. Many intruders use a house party as cover as they can easily be mistaken for a guest.

By creating a guest list, you should have a good idea of who should be there – and who shouldn’t.

3. Store guest items in a single location

When hosting a party, you have a responsibility for keeping other peoples’ belongings safe along with your own things. Many guests will appear with coats, hats, scarves etc., (especially in winter) so make sure there is a secure location to store everything.

Preferably keep this to a room that can be locked. In doing so, you can take the belongings of a guest, place it in the room yourself and then lock the door, ensuring everything is secure and accounted for.

4. Lock away your own valuables

There is nothing wrong with securing your valuables when hosting a party – you are simply protecting your things from damage and possible theft. Anything of value, whether it’s cash, jewelry, or anything else, should be locked away from the main party.
Your room is a good idea for this – unless using as a coat room – but make sure that you store it anywhere with a lock. It may be worth investing in a lock box or safe should you be quite anxious about leaving valuables around.

5. Move things away from high traffic areas

High traffic areas are spots where lots of people will be coming and going, so there’s a chance something gets damage here. If you have items you want to protect, whether art, furniture, or something else, look to move things away from high traffic areas.

Even just placing them temporarily in a spare room or garage ensures there is no accidental damage to your belongings.

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