Four Extra Home Security Precautions You Should Take When the Weather is Hot

home security when the weather is hotWarm weather isn’t without its setbacks. From dehydration to heat stroke, there are plenty of hazards that come with the hot weather, so many people understandably take precautions around their home to help cope with the heat.

Opening windows and doors is a common fix, as is cranking the air conditioning up to full, but these may pose unexpected risks to your home’s security. In fact, there are many opportunistic thieves that take advantage of the hot weather and the possible lowering of home security that comes with it.

Here are four extra home security precautions you should take when the weather is hot:

Close all ground windows at night
The most common reason that homes are more susceptible to break-ins during hot weather is that more windows remain open than normal. This makes sense, as most of us that want to cool down from the heat simply open the windows across the house.
However, many tend to leave them open throughout the day and night, which creates a big risk for homeowners. Windows on the ground floor are the biggest culprit in this regard, as they make entering the home much easier, so always keep them closed at night no matter how hot it gets!

Check second floor windows for easy access
It is normally safe to leave second floor windows open overnight as they are quite difficult to access so most burglars don’t take the risk. However, some windows on the second floor could still pose a risk is they have easier access, typically in the shape of a tree, wall, or fence near to window.

Check to see if there are any risks near a second-floor window you want to leave open, paying attention to trees and fences in particular. For trees, consider trimming branches that are near windows, while applying spikes to the top of a fence helps detract would-be intruders.

Keep your garage door down when working in the yard
The hot weather is great for getting work done around the yard, whether cutting grass, planting new flowers, or making repairs to fences. Most people store tools and lawnmowers in the garage, and don’t think twice of leaving it open as they get to work outside the home.

However, this does pose a risk from opportunistic thieves that see the open door and nobody close by to stop them. For instance, taking a bathroom break could give a burglar the chance they are waiting for, so always leave your garage door shut when working outside!

Don’t leave ladders lying around
Chances are you are going to do some work to your home’s exterior during the hot weather. It’s a great time to repaint the house or clean out the gutter after a long winter, so you may be using a ladder during this time.

Ladders are a big risk for homeowners when left outside, so always make sure you never leave ladders unattended when doing work outside the home. If using frequently during the summer, chain them up at night so nobody tries to use them to break in!

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