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5 Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Fire Hazards at Your Business

5 Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Fire Hazards at Your Business

5 Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Fire Hazards at Your BusinessWorkplace fire safety is a major issue for any business, small or large, and it is very important that employers take the necessary steps to control all fire risks in the building. A fire in the workplace has the potential to disrupt your business and its entire future as well as impact the lives of your employees and their families. Therefore, some simple fire safety measures are well worth the effort.

Following are 5 things you can do now to reduce fire hazards at your business:

1. Identify Fire Hazards in Your Workplace
Identifying the fire hazards in your workplace should be your first step. These hazards may be areas or equipment which can be sources of excessive gas or ignition. If there are such areas or equipment in the workplace, then it is recommended that you take note of these so you can determine how to fix the problem later. Electrical equipment, lamps, engines, heaters, etc. are the usual sources of ignition. Apart from these, faulty wiring and electric switches or contacts may also be sources for fire.

2. Install Smoke Detectors
Install smoke detectors and make sure that your business is in compliance with their locations. Smoke detectors can warn everyone in the building that there is a fire and the evacuation is needed. Reliable smoke detectors and a fire alarm system will help getting everyone out of the area unharmed. It will also give you time to put out the fire early with the help of fire extinguishers instead of dealing with a full-blown fire scenario.

3. Have Fire Extinguishers on Each Floor
It is recommended that you have a fire extinguisher on each floor for every 200 square feet. It will allow you to fight any small fires that occur within the building. It is also recommended that you test the fire extinguishers regularly because the last thing you would want is to have a malfunctioning equipment at your disposal at the time of an emergency.

4. Hire Professionals for Fire Risk Assessment
Hire the services of a professional company to come in and do a thorough fire risk assessment. Bringing a new set of eyes to assess the situation works best. These professionals are trained to know what to look for and they might see things that you overlook. They will give you a detailed list of any potential hazards they identify. Furthermore, they will also help you create a plan of action to help reduce fire hazards at your business. Professional fire risk assessment should be done on an annual basis.

5. Have an Evacuation Plan
Last but not least, having an evacuation plan in place is crucial no matter how minimal the risk may seem. Your building must have more than one exit and you should have a backup plan in case of a fire emergency. Make sure that the exists are marked, aren’t blocked, and they remain unlocked from the inside.

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7 Safety Tips to Protect Your Home from a Fire

fire safety tipsLosing your valuable possessions in a house fire can be very devastating. Whether you own a home or rent one, the consequences of a house fire can leave you feeling as if you have lost your identity. There are many ways a fire can create devastation in your life. With utter precaution and care, you can save yourself from potential fire hazards.

Following are 7 safety tips that will protect your home from a fire and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way:

1. Avoid Hazards

One of the best ways to avoid fire hazards is to change certain practices and habits that could lead to blazes. A hard and fast rule one should always follow is to place all matches and lighters in high areas away from children’s reach. Furthermore, teach your children that lighters and matches are not toys to be played with and use caution when burning candles in the home.

2. Have a Plan

One must always have a plan to follow on what to do if a fire occurs in the house. Make sure to vary the plan on the basis of what type of fire it is and where it occurs. When you have your plan in place, buy the needed safety tools (such as fire extinguisher, fire ladder, etc.) and place these tools in the designated areas.

3. Practice Your Plan

Having a good plan to deal with the fire hazard situation is not enough; your family must also feel comfortable on executing it. Educate your family on basic fire safety skills. You can also practice a fake fire to make your family members rehearse the plan. It may be helpful to do different scenarios so that multiple approaches can be practiced.

4. Inspect Your Equipment

Make a habit of inspecting your fire extinguishing equipment on a regular basis. This will ensure that the equipment is in proper working order and will do its job when needed.

5. Hire a Chimney Sweep

Every year before the start of the heating season, make sure to have your chimney swept by a professional. If the chimney is not swept professionally, Creosote will build up in the flue and make your chimney vulnerable to a fire.

6. Install a Fire Alarm

Always have both a carbon monoxide detector as well as a smoke alarm on each floor of your home. Test them both on a regular basis and replace batteries as needed. Carbon monoxide detectors have an expiration date so keep an eye on it. One approach is to use a black marker to write the expiration date on the unit’s bottom facing the floor so you can easily see it whenever you want.

7. Be Smart

When it comes to overall fire safety in the home, common sense can go a long way. Make sure you know all the basics to protect yourself and your family from home fire hazards. Also teach your kids how to approach fire hazards using practical knowledge and good judgement.

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