4 Best Types of Home Security When Your Home is in a Country Club

Best Types of Home Security When Your Home is in a Country ClubWhile a country club usually has a dedicated security team in place and various security measures to protect residents, it’s always a good idea to invest in your own home security devices. Yes, there may be less likelihood of security breaches given the security measures already in place, but that doesn’t mean your country club home is risk-free.

After all, countless visitors pass through a country club on any given day. Most are residents or club members, but there is always the chance of unwanted individuals making their way onto the premises. In fact, with such a large area to monitor and many homes within, you cannot expect your country club home to be free from potential break-ins from opportunistic criminals.

To make things safer, here are 4 of the best types of home security when your home is in a country club:

1. Monitored Home Security System
A monitored home security system is your best line of defense and protection when it comes to protecting your country club home from intruders. Many options are available when it comes to the types of sensors that are able to detect break ins or intrusions through all points of entry to your home. The monitoring feature means that any alarm activity is immediately reported to our 24/7 monitoring center who will dispatch emergency personnel to your country club residence immediately. These systems have the option for the devices mentioned below as well.

2. Video Doorbell
Smart technology has provided us with many great home security devices, and few are better for a country club home than a video doorbell. These devices consist of a high definition camera, speaker system, and ringer. When your doorbell is rung, you’re sent a video feed from the camera, allowing for remote viewing anywhere in the country club.

With so many people wandering through the golf course throughout the day, you never know who could end up at your front door. A video doorbell means you never need to guess, while the ability to speak to people at the door from your phone gives the impression you’re always home.

3. Indoor Camera
There are likely countless security cameras throughout the premises of the country club – but none are inside your home. While this is an obvious choice for your own privacy, it does mean country club homes are often a blind spot on the club’s CCTV system, so investing in an indoor camera is always recommended.

The camera could be installed as part of a wired security system, but there are many wireless cameras that are easy to install yourself. Most modern indoor home security cameras connect directly to your phone and computer, allowing you to constantly monitor your home, even from the fairway or clubhouse.

4. Window and Door Sensors
Again, smart technology has produced many great wireless door and window sensors that are perfect for a country club home.
They don’t need to be hardwired into a security system, meaning there are no monthly fees for the service, while they come with various security features to keep your home safe, including loud alarms, silent alarms that alert you via your phone, and even integrated cameras.

It’s easy to leave a window cranked when going for a walk across the country club grounds or playing a few holes, but there are still security risks even when part of a country club. Unlocked windows and doors give an opportunistic burglar all the encouragement they need, so investing in good door and window sensors is very worthwhile.

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