5 Differences Between Home and Business Security Alarm Systems

home and business security alarmsThere are two types of alarms systems, home and business. Over the last few years, the features of both home and business security alarms have started to merge. Many of the advanced features that were initially available in business security alarms are nowadays offered in home security alarms as well. However, there are still many differences between the two.

Following are 5 differences between home and business security alarm systems:

1. Business Security Alarms Are Generally More Complex
When it comes to security, there is no doubt that businesses have more complex needs as compared to homes. Commercial buildings are usually in high-traffic areas and depending on the services a business offers, it could be a lot more attractive to burglars than a home. That’s why businesses require more safety measures in order to maintain safety and security.

Since the needs of businesses are complex when it comes to security, business security alarms are more advanced and comprehensive as compared to home security alarms. They are equipped with relatively more features such as controlled access cards to allow employees to move throughout the facility, relatively more surveillance cameras, imposing limitss to where people can go, etc.

2. Certification

Being certified and non-certified is a key difference between a home and a business security alarm system. Certified alarm systems are those that are suited for small applications such as retail stores or small offices to high high-end applications such as airports and banks. Home alarm systems are not certified but business security alarms are.

3. Home Security Alarms Can Be Placed Anywhere

Home security alarms are designed in such a way that allows the homeowners to place them anywhere in the house. They feature small size and discreet design that fits-in well with the overall home décor. These features are not really a concern when it comes to business security.

4. Business Security Alarms Offer Relatively More Data Storage

You cannot always predict when an important piece of information will be needed. Unfortunate and unexpected things can occur at any time and you want to know that you have the ability to easily find and view the information that you need. Businesses especially, require their video surveillance system to store a lot of data because of the 24/7 high-traffic and activity in the facility. That’s why most security alarm companies design alarm systems to have relatively more storage, allowing businesses to keep a lot of important data with ease. Homeowners don’t need that much data storage, unless the home is empty for a long period of time, which doesn’t happen very often.

5. Business Security Alarms Are Relatively Costlier

Since business security alarms are a lot more complex and are also equipped with more features, it is not surprising that they are relatively costlier as compared to home security alarms. The cost of a security alarm system depends on the specific areas being monitored as well as the required number of features. Businesses require additional monitoring features such as panic button monitoring, access control monitoring, video monitoring, water monitoring, temperature monitoring, etc. so the cost of a business security alarm is relatively higher.

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