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4 Ways To Keep Your Vacation Home Secure

4-ways-to-keep-your-vacation-home-secureHaving a vacation home is an ideal place that you can go to unwind. It is a great investment that you have made and many times you worry about the home when you are away.  It is possible to keep your vacation home secure and prevent any trespassing, vandalism or even burglary when you are away, and you have no one to take care of it.  Technology has made it possible to secure your home and not worry much while away.

Four ways that you can keep your vacation home secure include:

1. Installing a smart security system

This is the best way to secure your home and to prevent theft even before it happens.  It involves installing cameras that will send a real-time video that you can check even when you are far away. You can connect the camera to your computer, tablet or smartphone and get to watch what is happening in your home and around it.  It notifies you when something goes wrong, and you can arm and disarm the alarm from wherever you are, and you don’t have to give your access code to many people.   You can have the security system monitored by a live call center 24/7, and this enables you to send out any emergency services if need be.

2. Secure all doors and windows

Most burglars use the window to gain access into the house, so it is important to secure them with locks especially the ones on the ground level.  You may put a pin or nail into the inside of the frame, and this prevents the window from opening.  On the door locks, install a deadbolt, and this will prevent burglars from opening the doors easily.  You may install smart lock where you don’t need a key to open or close the door or leave the key behind so that other people can access the home when you are not around

3. Know the neighbors and make friends

This is your second home, so get to know the people who live around you and find someone who you can trust to look after your home while you are away. Let them know that you will be visiting the home so they should keep an eye on the house and alert the police of any suspicious activities when you are away. It is difficult for burglars to break into areas where there are close-knit neighbors.  Neighbors may also help prepare the home for you before you come for your vacation or if any bad weather is coming. You don’t need to leave a key behind, but invest in smart locks where you can unlock the door for them.

4. Make your home look as if someone is home

A home that looks vacant is an invitation to theft so make sure that your home looks like someone is living there. You may have the lights programmed to go on and off at certain times so that the house isn’t dark at all times, keep the yard maintained and bushes cleared.  This will convince would-be burglars that there is someone in the house, deterring them from any thoughts of breaking in.

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security alarm monitoring in coachella valley

5 Reasons Why Security Alarm Monitoring is Important

1. The police will be called automatically if there is an intruder.

If there is ever an intruder that enters your house, the 24/7 monitoring system will automatically call your local police and explain what is happening. This makes contacting the police extremely fast because you do not even have to do anything in order to have the police be on their way to your home or business. While an alarm system will deter intruders by itself, on the off chance that one decides to still try to invade your house, you will be able to have the police there as soon as possible.

2. The same thing goes for the fire department.

A home security alarm system will also watch over your home for fires. If your smoke detectors go off, the fire department will be called so that you can emergency services on the way as soon as possible. This goes equally for a business security system. The great thing about this automated system is that if the smoke detector simply goes off by accident, it won’t automatically contact the local fire department. You have a small amount of time to confirm the fire was an accident and to clear out the smoke in your property.

3. If the security team that is watching over your house sees a potential issue, they will contact you to ensure you are alright.

security alarm monitoring in coachella valleyA lot of the bigger security companies will also offer a comfort aspect to their 24/7 monitoring system. Whenever a small mishap happens, such as a smoke alarm or the alarm went off and was quickly turned back off, you might even receive a phone call ensuring that everything is alright and asking if you need any assistance. The people watching over your house are there to help and comfort you no matter what, and it is extremely nice to know that your alarm company is worrying about your well being.

4. You can also be warned about carbon monoxide in your home or business.

This one is one of the scariest of all of the threats. Carbon monoxide is really scary because it is a gas that has no color, and no smell. Essentially, you would never be able to tell if you had dangerously high levels of it in your home until it was too late. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are extremely subtle and can progress very quickly. With a monitoring system, you will be alerted as soon as carbon monoxide levels go higher than what is safe.

5. There is always a trained security expert watching over your home.

This one is less about practicality, and a lot more about the sheer comfort of being somewhere that you feel safe in. No matter what time of day, you can feel more safe because of the fact that people that are trained to watch over security systems are ensuring that you and your family or coworkers stay safe and healthy.

Consider researching the different options that are available for security alarm monitoring in your home or business. Not only will it help to improve your comfort, it will also add backup solutions and a peace of mind that no matter what, someone will be there to help you and/or send the help you need.

To experience the peace of mind of having a monitored security alarm system for your home or business in The Coachella Valley, contact the experts at Command One Security! One of our home security consultants will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective options we have available for you. Call us today at (760) 568-0052!

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