3 Types of Home Invasions That Home Security Alarms Can Protect Against

home invasionHome security is one of the primary concerns of every homeowner. The concern to enhance residential security has increased in the last few years due to the increasing number of home invasions that end in violence against a home’s occupants. Everyone should take the security of their home seriously and consider installing a reliable home security alarm for protection against home invasions.

Following are 3 types of home invasions that home security alarms can protect against:

1. Home Invasion by Forced Entry
In this type of home invasion, the intruder does not use any deception and tries to force his way into a home. For instance, the intruder rings the doorbell and when the homeowner opens the door, he forces his way in. In other cases, the invader does not even bother to ring the doorbell or knock on the front door, instead he simply kicks in the front door of the house and tries to take over the home. The most common entry point for home invasion by forced entry is the front door.

A home security alarm can protect you and your family against this type of home invasion. With installation and proper placement of your surveillance cameras, you will be able to see the invader before he attempts to gain entry. And if the invader simply starts kicking in your front door, then you will know thanks to home security system’s surveillance cameras. In most cases, the alarm will trigger if someone tried to gain forced entry. And if for some reason it doesn’t, then you can use the panic button of your home alarm system to alert the authorities of the threat.

2. Home Invasion by Ruse
This is the type of home invasion in which the invader uses ruses or deceptive tricks to get inside your home. Usually, the intruder fakes his identity in order to gain the trust of the homeowner and lower their guard. For example, he can dress up in a cable company uniform, knock on your door and tell that he is here to fix a problem with your cable. In this way, he will request entry into your home and once he gains entry, he will drop the act and try to overpower you and other occupants of your home with fear and violence to obtain cash, credit cards, cell phones, expensive jewelry, or anything else of value.

In most cases, your surveillance cameras at the front of your property as well as signs of the security system will be enough to deter such invaders and protect you against this type of home invasion. Apart from this, you will have access to the panic button of your home security system to quickly call for help if such an unfortunate incident occurs.

3. Break, Enter, and Steal
This is usually not considered as a type of home invasion but it could be categorized as such when the alleged offender is armed with a weapon and the circumstances aggravate. Generally, the intruder’s intensions are to enter the house without breaking or attracting attention. A home security alarm will deter such intruders from attempting to gain entry into your home. The motion sensors as well as surveillance equipment of your home security alarm will detect the intruder as soon as he enters your property.

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