4 Important Places to Put Motion Sensor Lighting Outside Your Home

4-important-places-put-motion-sensor-lighting-outside-homeWhether you want to deter criminals from entering or want to light up your home for safety when walking, installing motion sensor lighting is a recommended option. It is one of the best and most cost-effective investments you can make for your property. Placement of these lights plays a key role in enhancing their effectiveness and security of the home.

Following are 4 important places to put motion sensor lighting around your home:

1. Within the Garage

There are two major advantages of installing motion sensor lights within the garage. First, it is likely that some of your most valuable items (for example tools, bikes, or vehicles) are stored within the garage, so the lights there will deter thieves. Secondly, motion sensor lights in the garage will allow you to do work within your garage at any time of the day. If an intruder enters your garage, he/she will be exposed because the motion sensor lights will illuminate the area.

2. Property Walkways

Similar to the ones in the garage, motion sensor lighting on your property walkways will offer two advantages; it will illuminate things for your guests and non-intrusive visitors as well as deter criminals from using walkways, especially those that lead to home entrances. In this way, not only will you be able to increase your home’s security, you will also be avoiding slip and fall accidents.

3. All Home Entrances

Apart from installing motion sensor lighting on main entryways, it is recommended that you install them on all of your home entrances, including the most unlikely ones. Thieves can find a way into a home via windows, backdoors, etc. These are their favorite areas. If you install motion sensor lighting in such areas of your home, burglars will be exposed if they try to enter your home. Furthermore, installing motion sensor lights on fence gates, opening of a driveway, etc. would also be a good idea.

4. Open Areas, Gardens, and Pools

If the motion sensor lighting catches an intruder when breaking and entering, their instant reaction would likely be to escape to a relatively darker area. Such areas generally include a garden, a pool, an open expanse of yard, etc. By installing motion sensor lighting throughout these areas of your home, you will provide no obvious hiding spots for the intruder, and in doing so will prevent an intruder from seeking comfort in darker areas of your yard.


If you take some time and carefully plan the placement of motion sensor lighting around your home, it will pay off with many benefits. When planning the placement of these lights, make sure to consider the overall layout of your home, your primary reason for the motion lighting, your yard layout, and any existing limitations (whether from electric wiring issues or existing lighting) that you may run into when installing the motion sensor lighting. These considerations will help you maximize the convenience and security functions of your lighting.

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